Wine, Tapas, and Friends. #WTF offers a contemporary bistro setting for a good meal or quick bites at any time of the day. Casual drinks amidst great company, accompanied by the accent of the top musics, keeping you in the loop with bottles off the rack at unbeatable prices. The perfect complement to a weekend of much needed rest and relaxation.

Venue Decor

With a greenery ambience, #WTF is filled with natural decor such as plants and wooden racks. Catering to large groups with our long tables, outdoor sittings, affordable bottles and tapas, alongside staffs being ever-ready to assist. The go-to location for any night.

Menu Approach

Designed to compliment your drinks, our menu targets to serve tapas which are easy to share with friends and family, embodying the full #WTF (Wine, Tapas and Friends) experience. Dedicated to be affordable and welcoming to the crowd, the menu boasts its extensive wine and liquor collection on the racks without any fuss. Relish in wines and liquors from all over the world, including countries such as France, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy and more.

Savor the dishes from various continents, from Sliders of South America and Grass-fed Beef Carpaccio of Italy, all the way to Skewers of Asia. We recommend our all-time favorite with a twist, the flavorful French Influenced Grass-fed Beef Ragout with a Guinness malty infusion.

Menus (pdf):
#WTF Food Menu
#WTF Wine + Beverage Menu

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Address :
49 Club Street, Chinatown, Singapore 069426
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Contact : +65 6325 8529
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Operating Hours :
Mon - Fri : 12pm to 12am
Sat : 4pm to 12am
(Closed on Sundays)