Established and distinctively Asian, the IndoChine Group has cemented its position as a trendsetter in the local lifestyle and hospitality industries in the last 11 years. Its inaugural venue – the conservation shop-house on Club Street – has been home to SaVanh Bistro + Lounge

Venue Decor

Quaint yet modern in design, SaVanh (which means “heaven” in Laotian) is a contemporary Asian aesthetic concept, with an interior of raw and exposed brick walls, juxtaposed against mirrored walls.

A clean and sleek bar runs along the opposite side of SaVanh, embellished by a paisley motif that is reminiscent of the lotus flower. The design highlight of SaVanh would have to be the impressive two-storey high indoor water-feature bamboo plants and black cultured stones.

Menu Approach

Enjoy the diverse culinary tastes of Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian cuisines in traditionally-prepared dishes such as Bó La Lot, Grilled beef in wild betel leaves and Gói Cuôn, Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls.

Whether out on the town with a bevy of friends, seeking a fuss-free lunch or simply after some celebratory drinks, SaVanh Bistro + Lounge will be a choice venue to alleviate all your stresses and worries from the day.

Food Menu
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Address :
SaVanh Bistro & Lounge
47 Club Street, Chinatown, Singapore 069424
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Contact : +65 6323 0503
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Operating Hours :
Mon, Tue & Thurs : 12pm to 12am
Wed & Fri: 12pm to 1am
Sat: 4pm to 2am

Public holiday that falls on weekdays:
3pm to 1am
(Closed on Sundays)