On nights when entertaining of friends, family or VIPs are in order, look no further than IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub which, in the evening, serves up an impressive selection of authentic "nutriceutical" Indochinese cuisine. With guests happily fed, IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub then transforms into the perfect after-dinner venue for more cocktails and great company.

Venue Decor

With its lotus flower-shaped crystal chandeliers, plush sofa seats and imposing terra cotta warriors, IndoChine Jakarta will have guests buzzing for a long time to come.

Replete with Indochinese artefacts and sculptures oft-seen at various IndoChine venues globally, IndoChine Jakarta will enthral you with the light scent of incense and gleaming crystal chandeliers, designed back in the day by Mr. Ma himself.

Menu Approach

Guests will be treated to the diverse and rich flavours of the Indochinese region, which is made up of countries such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Using only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices, the expert culinary team at IndoChine will delight your every sense with signature cuisine, never before seen in Jakarta, including the Laotian Larb Kai (Marinated Chicken in Lemon Juice); Thit Bo Luc Lac (Black Pepper Beef with Garlic and Butter) and Lychee from the North Garden, crispy lychee prawns coated with citrus juice.

With its specially-designed show kitchen, IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub will further tantalise guests as chefs offer up a behind-the-scenes look into the way the dishes are prepared.

VIP Mezzanine

The highlight of IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub would undoubtedly be the VIP Mezzanine floor, a highly-exclusive dining concept incorporated into IndoChine Jakarta. Here at the VIP Mezzanine, guests will have the chance to host private luncheons and dinners with close friends and family, within the confines of the strategically constructed mezzanine floor, while obtaining a bird’s eye view of the beautiful IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub.

Following a great meal, guests will be able to sit back and indulge in the finest cigars from around the world, available only on the VIP Mezzanine floor.

Address :
IndoChine Jakarta
fX lifestyle X’nter f8, Jl. Jend. Sudirman -
Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta 10270
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Contact : +6221 300 30 330

Operating Hours :
Mondays to Sundays : 12pm – 2am